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Watch Dan Gibson, VP of DNA Technology, speak about the world’s first "biological teleporter" at TED 2018

Making Synthetic Genomics Accessible

SGI-DNA has created the world’s first DNA printer, an automated, multifunctional platform which delivers high quality synthetic DNA in an overnight run. The BioXptm 3200 System is coupled with Gibson Assembly® Technology, resulting in the synthesis of highly accurate DNA constructs.

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BioXptm is the world’s first DNA printer – an instrument that improves the workflow for applications such as protein production, antibody library generation and cell engineering – at a size and cost that is no longer prohibitive.

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Gibson Assembly® Reagents

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BioXp™ Complexity Checker
BioXp™ Complexity Checker Want to gauge sequence complexity before placing an order? The BioXp Complexity Checker will analyze sequences for you.

Gibson Assembly® Primer
Gibson Assembly® Primer Design Adding homologous overlaps to fragments for Gibson Assembly? The GAP Tool can help design your primers.

Gibson Assembly® SDM Primer
Gibson Assembly® SDM Primer Designing primers for Gibson Assembly site-directed mutagenesis? The SDM Primer Design Tool will design primers for you.

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