Slide background BioXP 3200 Degenerate Libraries

Degenerate, Variant, and Scanning
Libraries Now Available

  • Provides flexibility to build de novo libraries
  • Saves time by delivering your libraries in a week
  • Accelerates discovery of antibodies, enzymes,
  • and vaccines by replacing tedious benchwork
Slide background BioXP 3200 System

New Improvements Announced:

  • 1.5x Increase in Fidelity
  • New Reagents & Protocols
  • Screen Fewer Colonies


with Vmax™ Express Competent Cells

  • Get better results one day faster
  • Grows twice as fast as E. coli
  • 2X biomass and 4X soluble protein

One-step seamless cloning

without restriction digestion

  • Gibson Assembly® HiFi 1-Step Kit
  • Gibson Assembly® Ultra Kit
  • Gibson Assembly® Site-Directed
  • Mutagenesis Kit

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Synthetic Genomic Solutions

SGI-DNA provides a variety of synthetic genomic solutions to advance your research. Our comprehensive suite of genomic services will allow you to discover, design, and build the sequences you need. We are committed to reducing barriers associated with DNA synthesis and sequence analysis by leveraging the technology developed at the J. Craig Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

BioXp 3200 DNA synthesis machine icon Instrument Systems

The BioXp™ 3200 System is the world’s first DNA printer which will allow any laboratory to create genes, genetic elements and devices on their benchtop hands-free, starting only with electronically transmitted sequence data.

Gibson Assembly Reagents icon Reagents

The Gibson Assembly® method was developed by Daniel Gibson and colleagues at the J. Craig Venter Institute. The Gibson Assembly® method uses a one-step, isothermal approach to enable the rapid assembly of multiple DNA fragments, without the use of restriction enzymes.