Vmax™ Growth Media

Vmax™ cell lines are derived from the marine microorganism, Vibrio natriegens. This gram-negative, non-pathogenic bacterium exhibits the fastest growth rate of any known organism with a doubling time twice that of E. coli. A variety of commonly used media support the growth of Vmax™. However, due to the strains origins as a marine bacterium Vmax™ cultures grow best in osmotically rich media with higher salt concentrations. To allow for the best possible results when using Vmax™ cells, we offer the media listed below. These media are specifically formulated for Vmax™ cultures.

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Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media

Nutritionally Rich, Osmotically Balanced Recombinant Protein Expression Media

While commonly used media supplemented with additional salts can support the growth of Vmax™ cells for the expression of recombinant proteins, for optimal growth and expression, we recommend Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media. This nutritionally rich, osmotically enhanced, media allows for rapid and robust growth of Vmax™ cultures.

Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media

Vmax™ Chemicompetent Cell Recovery Media

Specially formulated for recovery of Vmax™ Cells

This recovery media is provided with Vmax™ Express Chemicompetent cells. This media is specially formulated to establish the proper ionic and nutritional environment to allow recovery of Vmax™ cells after heat shock or electroporation. Available as a single 10 mL bottle or an economical package of six 10 mL bottles for experiments where additional recovery media is needed.

Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media

Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media

Catalog # Product Volume Price
CL1500-1000 Vmax™ Enriched Growth Media 1000 mL $89
CL1520-10 Vmax™ Chemicomp Cell Recovery Media 10 mL $27
CL1520-6X10 Vmax™ Chemicomp Cell Recovery Media 6 x 10 mL $89

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