Experts in Gene Synthesis and Cell Engineering

SGI-DNA’s has expertise in a range of services which are carried out in our state-of-the-art facilities in La Jolla, California, watch our capabilities video to learn more about our team. Our capabilities stem from our ability to produce large, small, and complex DNA constructs using our patented Gibson Assembly® method and error correction technology. We are committed to reducing barriers associated with DNA synthesis by leveraging technology developed at the J. Craig Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics, Inc. Our custom gene synthesis service delivers PCR fragments ready for cloning (DNA Tiles™), dsDNA constructs (Error Free Clones) from 125 bp up to 2 Mbp in length, or variant libraries) tailored to your specifications. In call cases we can provide your construct as linear dsDNA, or clone it into your vector of choice. To allow you to design the best clone possible we offer bioinformatics services) for construct design, library design and codon optimization. In addition we provide a variety of other services including Next Generation Sequencing), and plasmid purification services. To discover all SGI-DNA has to offer click on one of the boxes below.

  • Reliable and fast turnaround times
  • Accurate QC and certificate of analysis
  • Superior bioinformatics support and customer service
  • All genes made in California, USA


DNA Tiles™

Gene Synthesis of PCR Fragments


DNA Clones

Gene Synthesis of Error Free Clones


DNA Libraries

Gene Synthesis of Variant Libraries


DNA Bioinformatics

Expert Analysis


DNA Sequencing

Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing

SGI-DNA is a member of the International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC).

Biosecurity Review: Each gene is screened to identify potentially pathogenic sequences.


Plasmid DNA Services

Custom Cloning and Plasmid Preps