with Vmax™ Express Competent Cells and Protein Expression Resources

Gibson Assembly PROTEIN MY WAY Scientist Matthew Weinstock

Express More Soluble Protein A Day Faster

Vmax™ Express is a fast-growing, novel bacterial host optimized for recombinant protein expression. Using a workflow similar to that of E. coli, Vmax™ Express cells are compatible with commonly used expression vectors, antibiotics, and growth media. With a doubling time twice as fast as E. coli, Vmax™ Express can produce more biomass and protein faster.

Get protein your way by switching from E. coli to Vmax™ Express:

  • Improved yields — produce up to 2X biomass and 4X soluble protein
  • Faster results — transformation to protein purification in 3 days
  • Easy induction — use wide range of ODs and IPTG concentrations
  • Seamlessly switch from E. coli — compatible with media & vectors

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