BioXp™ 3200 System

Introducing the world’s first DNA printer

Revolutionizing How Scientists Access Synthetic Biology

SGI-DNA, Inc. introduces the world’s first DNA printer, a fully automated system that allows every scientist to rapidly synthesize high-quality DNA Libraries, Tiles and Clones hands-free starting with electronically transmitted sequence data. The BioXptm 3200 System dramatically improves workflow productivity for a variety of applications such as protein production, antibody library generation and cell engineering giving you full control over your genomic discoveries.

BioXptm 3200 System: Overview of Capabilities

Why scientists are making the switch to BioXptm automation

Flexible Designs to Accelerate Discovery

The BioXp™ 3200 System’s versatile design supports multiple genomic applications transforming scientists’ ability to design genes to answer key questions in their role in gene function, control and optimization on the laboratory benchtop.

Obtain High-Quality DNA Overnight

Generating high-quality DNA has never been easier. In a matter of hours and with a simple click of a button, scientists can now program and automate DNA synthesis in their own labs while gaining full control over their project timelines. DNA fragments of 400 bp to 1.8 kb can be assembled and cloned into any custom vector using Gibson Assembly technology.

Streamline Clinical Research

The BioXp™ 3200 System revolutionizing capabilities streamlines clinical research discoveries, decreasing turnaround time by up to 80% while reducing tedious manual laboratory labor and reagent cost. Scientists no longer need a template to obtain their gene of interest; the gene is designed with sequence modifications to address specific clinical research and then built in silico.

How It Works

Using our secure portal, select the product type from our current list of applications to submit your DNA sequences. The BioXp™ 3200 System reagents are custom built to order and can be loaded the same day they arrive. Your DNA products are ready to use in your downstream workflow the very next morning. To begin the BioXp™ run, simply load your custom reagents on the BioXp™ 3200 deck according to the loading map included with your order.
Design Genes
Order BioXptm Reagents
Load BioXptm
Begin Run
Collect Product
Key Components:
  • Oligo Vault
  • Reagent Plate
  • Recovery Plate
  • 50 and 200 µL tips
  • DNA purification strip
  • Fresh 70% ethanol (not included)

BioXp™ System deck pictured with the reagent kit components.

BioXptm 3200 System Applications

Strategies for designing and building DNA libraries and constructs are streamlined by using the BioXptm System. No template DNA is needed for DNA synthesis, allowing for greater in silico or computer-driven experimental design. There is a growing number of applications available to scientists with the BioXptm System, and current applications include the following:

BioXptm Libraries

Build degenerate, scanning, and variant libraries

BioXptm Clones

Build and clone genes directly into any vector hands-free

BioXptm Tiles

Build genes at the benchtop hands-free
The BioXptm System delivers consistent and reliable performance for building DNA constructs within the recommended DNA length and complexity parameters.

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