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Our scientists are bridging the gap between the digital and biological worlds by using digital information to design and synthesize DNA constructs. We are committed to leveraging our unique and proprietary DNA technologies into scientific solutions for accelerating and advancing research and drug discovery.

Technology Road Map


Gibson Assembly® Conceived


First Bacterial Genome Synthesized


Gibson Assembly® method published in detail.

Applications for assembly of small and large DNA, rapid scale up of plasmid DNA, and Site-Directed Mutagenesis


First Synthetic Cell

Applied assembly of ssDNA oligonucleotides


Automated platform for Gibson Assembly®

Rapid synthetic generation of influenza vaccines


Design and synthesis of a minimal bacterial genome


Digital-to-Biological Converter

Gibson Assembly® Technology

Gibson Assembly® has become the gold standard for assembling short and long pieces of DNA. Invented by Daniel G. Gibson, co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at SGI-DNA, and colleagues at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) in 2009 during their efforts to synthesize and assemble genome-sized DNA, the Gibson Assembly® method was integral to the construction of the first synthetic cell.

Gibson Assembly cloning has become the preferred cloning method for routine and complex DNA assembly in laboratories around the world because it’s seamless, faster, and more robust than traditional restriction enzyme cloning.

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