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Get DNA your way. Generate seamless plasmid DNA or BAC clones without restriction digestion or DNA scars.

Gibson Assembly® cloning, developed by the J. Craig Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics, allows for insertion of DNA fragments into virtually any vector without the need for compatible restriction sites. Join any two fragments to generate seamless constructs in your desired vector.

  • Significantly faster than traditional cloning methods
  • Avoid time-consuming subcloning
  • Insert 1-15 fragments in a single round of cloning in ~1 hour
  • Achieve cloning efficiencies of up to 95%

Gibson Assembly® Cloning Kits and Reagents are available through VWR or from our website:

Get #DNAMYWAY by Downloading the 2nd edition of the Gibson Assembly® Cloning Guide

Whether you're new to Gibson Assembly® cloning, or an experienced user, you'll benefit from our 40-page cloning guide which describes the benefits, applications, and protocols:

The 2nd edition includes the following updated sections:

  • Expanded section on Gibson Assembly® Primer-Bridge End Joining™ (PBnJ) cloning, a variation of Gibson Assembly® cloning
  • Guidance to help calculate the optimal input DNA amount
  • Updated appendix with E. coli transformation guidelines
  • Expanded Frequently Asked Questions section
  • New references describing novel applications, such as combining of Gibson Assembly® with CRISPR/Cas9.

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