What is Archetype® software?

Archetype® software is a one-of-a-kind solution that enables researchers to discover, analyze and build synthetic genes and pathways. It allows biologists to directly access and conduct sequence driven research, without specialized computing skills. By providing a secure platform for the storage of public and proprietary sequence data, and powerful and comprehensive analysis tools, it improves the breadth and speed of the discovery process. Archetype is quite simply the first step toward true biological engineering.

How does Archetype® software work?

Sequence data is easily uploaded to Archetype® software through a secure web portal. Using this interface, biologists can organize their data and submit it to a fully automated pipeline. This pipeline discovers genes, provides annotation, identifies relevant metabolic pathways, and indexes the results in a searchable database. Archetype® software streamlines genomic analysis and computation.

Each user can search through existing data, upload and organize their own sequence data, run analyses such as HMMER or BLAST searches, and generate reports from those results. Once a target sequence or gene is identified, Archetype® software can optimize the gene for cloning and design the oligos. Archetype® software walks users from gene discovery to gene manipulation.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user-friendly visualization tools
  • Graphical data summaries
  • Metabolic pathway visualizations
  • BLAST databases derived from your data
  • Accepts various formats of genomic, metagenomic, or eukaryotic data


  • NGS sequencing (Illumina,PacBio)
  • Genome, Metagenome and cDNA assembly
  • Annotation
  • RNA-Seq (Data analysis)
  • SNP analysis

"Archetype collects data and tools in one place, with friendly UI, to enable scientists to maximize innovation in a proprietary setting."

Toby Richardson, VP of Bioinformatics

Pricing Information

Archetype Academic Archetype Industry
Web Based Interface Yes Yes
Public Data Yes Yes
Private Data Storage $1,000/seat $10,000/seat
Price (Enterprise) Inquire Inquire

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