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Application Notes

The BioXp™ System and Gibson® Assembly Cloning Accelerate the Construction and Transfection of a Mutational Phage Display Library

Obtaining high yields of soluble protein with fast-growing Vmax™ Express Competent Cells

Gibson Assembly® Primer-Bridge End Joining (PBnJ™) Cloning

Jun Urano, Ph.D. and Christine Chen, Ph.D., Synthetic Genomics, Inc., La Jolla, CA

Site-Saturation Mutagenesis Library Construction Automated with the BioXp™ 3200 System

Build Custom Designed Synthetic Genes in Your Lab Quickly and Efficiently

DNA assembly and cloning in an overnight run with the BioXp™ 3200 system

Digging Designer Genomes

Sarah Webb, Ph.D., Synthetic Genomics, Inc., La Jolla, CA

Next Generation Shotgun Cloning Using the Gibson Assembly® Method - Coupling Powerful Technologies for Substantial Cost and Time Savings

Christine Chen, Ph.D., Steven Thomas, and Nate Maynard

Successful Diatom Transcription Factor Synthesis and Downstream Cloning Using the BioXp 3200 System

Hong Zheng, Stephane C. Lefebvre, Sarah R. Smith, Timothy J. Hanly, Yo Suzuki, and Andrew E. Allen

A Practical Guide for Introducing Gibson Assembly® Gene Constructs into Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent Cells

Christine Chen, Ph.D., Synthetic Genomics, Inc., La Jolla, CA

The team at JCVI creates the first synthetic cell using Gibson Assembly®